Executable Paper Grand Challenge Banner
Executable Paper Grand Challenge Banner
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The Executable Paper Grand Challenge

Executable Paper Grand Challenge is a contest created to improve the way scientific information is communicated and used.

Executable Paper Grand Challenge Winners Announced:

First Prize: The Collage Authoring Environment
Second Prize: SHARE: a web portal for creating and sharing executable research papers
Third Prize: A Universal Identifier for Computational Results

It asks:

  1. How can we develop a model for executable files that is compatible with the user’s operating system and architecture and adaptable to future systems?
  2. How do we manage very large file sizes?
  3. How do we validate data and code, and decrease the reviewer’s workload?
  4. How to support registering and tracking of actions taken on the ‘executable paper?’

The purpose of the Executable Paper Challenge is to invite scientists to put forth their ideas pertaining to these pressing and unsolved questions.

The first place winner of the Executable Paper Grand Challenge will receive

$10,000 USD + Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G

Second and third place runners up will receive

$5,000 USD and $2,500 USD, respectively, as well as an Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G

Taking Place At
International Conference on Computational Science http://www.iccs-meeting.org

June 1-3, 2011
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
The Collage Authoring Environment
Winner of the 2011 Executable Paper Grand ChallengeWinner 2011 - Executable Paper Grand Challenge
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Supporting Journal: Journal of Computational Science
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