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Meet the Finalists

The ten finalists were chosen by a distinguished international panel of judges from more than 70 entries. They include

  1. SHARE: a web portal for creating and sharing executable research papers, by Pieter M.E. Van Gorp, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands and Steffen Mazanek, Munich, Germany (Demonstration | Paper)
  2. A Provenance-Based Infrastructure for Creating Executable Papers, by David Koop, Phillip Mates, Huy T. Vo, Juliana Freire, Emanuele Santos and Claudio T. Silva, University of Utah; Philippe Bonnett, IT University of Copenhagen; Bela Bauer, Brigitte Surer and Matthias Troyer, ETH Zurich; Dean N. Williams, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Joel E. Tohline, Louisana State University (Demonstration | Paper)
  3. The Collage Authoring Environment, Tomasz Bartyński, Eryk Ciepiela, Grzegorz Dyk, Daniel Haręzlak, Marek Kasztelnik, Joanna Kocat, Jan Meizner and Piotr.N. Nowakowski, ACC CYFRONET AGH and Maciej Malaski, Institute of Computer Science AGH (Demonstration | Paper)
  4. A-R-E: The Author-Review-Execute environment, Wolfgang Müller and Isabel Rojas, HITS gGmbH and Andreas Eberhart, Peter Haase and Michael Schmidt, fluid Operations (Paper)
  5. Paper Maché: Creating Dyamic Reproducible Science, Grant R. Brammer, Ralph W. Crosby, Suzanne J. Matthews and Tiffani L. Williams, Texas A&M University (Paper)
  6. The Planetary System: Web 3.0 & Active Documents for STEM, Michael Kohlhase, Catalin David, Deyan Ginev, Andrea Kolhase, Christoph Lange, Bogden Matican, Stefan Mirea and Vyacheslav Zholudev, Jacobs University Bremen (Demonstration | Paper)
  7. A data and code model for reproducible research and executable papers, Konrad Hinsen, Center for Molecular Biophysics (Demonstration | Paper)
  8. A Universal Identifier for Computational Results, Matan Gavish and David Donoho, Stanford University (Paper)
  9. Executable Papers for the R Community: The R2 Platform for Reproducible Research, Manuel Eugster, Torsten Hothorn and Friedrich Leisch, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich Germany (Paper)

Additional Executable Paper Ideas

  1. A natural language programming solution for executable papers, Sandor M Veres and J. Patrik Adolfsson (Paper)
  2. IODA - an Interactive Open Document Architecture, J. Siciarek and B. Wiszniewski (Paper)
  3. The IPOL Initiative: Publishing and Testing Algorithms on Line for Reproducible Research in Image Processing, Nicolas Limare and Jean-Michel Morel (Demonstration | Paper)
  4. Harnessing the Scientific Data Produced by the Experimental Evaluation Search Engines and Information Access Systems, Nicola Ferro, Allan Hanbury, Henning Müller and Giuseppe Santucci (Demonstration | Paper)
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